The Experiences of Our Kingdom Shepherds Families

When Kingdom Shepherds has an opportunity to bless a family with a Kingdom puppy, we can only smile and rejoice. We gain new Kingdom Shepherd family members to our circle as a result, and we find blessing others with a responsibly bred, sound minded, physically healthy, well balanced temperament puppy returns back to us 10 fold.

Our placement decision and evaluation process is all determined by God. We believe God brings the people to us that need to fulfill a specific need in His perfect timing. After the process is completed, we always ask our buyers to share their feedback with Kingdom Shepherds by providing us with a testimonial. We do not ask for a survey or a series of specific questions to be answered. Rather we request a personalized testimonial story as to their involvement with Kingdom Shepherds, that we may share with future persons seeking an interest in a Kingdom Shepherd puppy.

Here are some testimonials we have received and personal experiences shared.


Ashley ThomasWoodstock, GA

Michelle, I am incredibly grateful for my Kingdom GSD, Axel. We can already tell how loving and smart he is! I have always wanted a GSD and I could not be more happy with this opportunity. I had no plan to get a puppy as I already have a rescued dog, but the moment I first spoke with you about it I knew it was time! You and your family truly care about all the puppies you breed and treat them all as if they are family. From the very beginning I received regular updates on the puppies in regard to their weight, veterinary visits and scheduling to see/take home the puppy.  I appreciate that you went out of your way to ensure that my daughter got the puppy she wanted. I would have probably been happy with any choice but my daughter just had to have the one with the blue collar and you made that happen. My daughter has already bonded with him and he follows her around. Thank you for everything!! Everyone will know where I got my GSD from!

Mike and Colleen Romeo, Dallas, GA

Michelle and Sheldon Jones love God and they love German Shepherds.  They merged these two great loves together into their ministry called Kingdom Shepherds.

Any GSD puppy that you adopt from Kingdom Shepherds has been thoughtfully and carefully bred, has received the best medical care possible (before and after birth) and has received a lot of love since birth.

Our little Gracie is now 13 weeks old and we are head over heels in love with her.  She has a wonderful temperament, beautiful features and got an A+ at our first veterinary visit.

Gracie is our second GSD family member we adopted from Kingdom Shepherds.  We waited 8 months for her because we would not even consider adopting a GSD puppy from any other breeder.  Kingdom Shepherds is the only GSD breeder anyone should consider. They are firm believers in their ministry and the GSD breed.

Thank you Michelle and Sheldon for our beautiful and sweet Gracie!


John Mamon, Atlanta, GA

We had a very positive experience with our first GSD breeder (R.I.P. BH), but we were so
blessed to find Kingdom Shepherds. We were completely thrilled with the experience from the very beginning. This is no ordinary breeder; these dogs are their ministry and the love they pour in to them and the process is evident. The pedigree is top notch and the puppies all have amazing temperament and are simply gorgeous. We are so full of joy with our little Odin, we wish we could have so many more. If you just want a GSD, you can go to any breeder; but if you want a rich, well-managed experience resulting in getting a great GSD and a lifetime connection with a loving breeder, stop looking and call Kingdom Shepherds. We are telling everyone!

Steve Azuero, Atlanta, GA

When I realized that our family was missing an important addition to make us whole, I started doing my research.  I have always wanted a German Shepard, since they are extremely bright, protective and Loyal. My research lead me to Kingdom Shepherd.   I contacted Michelle and she was extremely helpful, honest and a great communicator during our whole partnership to add a loyal member to our family.  She was very patient and knowledgeable, she made us all feel a level of comfort.   When we found our "Luna", we immediately fell in love.  The whole process  was super easy and non-stressfully with Michelle guidance.  THANK YOU MICHELLE!!


Kyle Proemsey, St Louis, MO

I was searching all over Southern US for a responsible German Shepherd breeder. When I came across Kingdom Shepherds’ website, I knew this was the perfect place to find my new furry friend. From the extreme care and considerations taken during the breeding process to the love the puppies get before they go to their new homes, Kingdom Shepherds did not disappoint. Michelle and Sheldon are amazing at what they do with these pups, and as a result, I was met with a healthy, beautiful, and kind German Shepherd puppy. Her temperament is perfect, and everyone that walks by her comments on how beautiful she is. I could not recommend Kingdom Shepherds enough.

Lindsay and Michael Grissom, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

After searching for days on the Internet, I came across Kingdom Shepherds. I decided to take a chance and email Michelle. We had one phone call that would change my life forever. She thoroughly explained to me the whole process of buying a puppy from start to finish and the great care that she puts into her dogs and puppies. As soon as I got off the phone, I called my boyfriend and told him I found our future puppy! Since February, we started the journey of purchasing our precious German shepherd puppy.

Michelle Jones had made the experience of purchasing a puppy something we will never forget. She goes above and beyond for all of her dogs. All of her dogs get the best of the best and she does everything in her power to ensure all the dogs are in continual top health. On our first trip to Michelle’s, she introduced us to all of her dogs and showed us where the puppies would be living. We were in awe when we saw the top quality care the puppies would be given.

Every week since our decision to purchase a Kingdom Shepherd puppy, we received continuous updates and pictures of the mother and the puppies. Michelle always ensured that we were part of every step of our puppy’s life. We always looked forward to weekly pictures of the puppies! Michelle was always there to answer every question or concern we had and ensured that we were happy with our experience and puppy.

We have had our puppy, Murphy, for about a week now and have loved every second of it! Murphy is in exceptional health and has an outstanding personality. We constantly receive compliments on how healthy and beautiful he looks. He learns very quickly and has been a blessing to our lives!

Buying a puppy from Kingdom Shepherds was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Michelle and her family have blessed our lives so much with Murphy. We will definitely be purchasing another puppy from Kingdom Shepherds in the future!

Thank you for choosing our family to be a part of the Kingdom Shepherd family!

A couple adopting a German Shelpherd puppy
Gabby testimonial

Marie Mickie

Thank you again for all of your help thus far with everything. I wanted to share our family’s testimony with you along with a few photos of our family. We wholeheartedly give Kingdom Shepherd 5 stars!

Thinking back to our very first conversation, I’m so thankful that our search led us to Kingdom Shepherds. Michelle was very caring and talked us through the entire process. She ensured & supported us with all of our questions concerns. We instantly connected through our love for Christ & our son L.J. At the time of our process we were wanting a dog to serve as a service dog for L.J. who was having multiple health concerns for years. The first day we visited some pups we could see the light sitting in L.J. Fast forward to bring our Gabby girl home it’s been a none stop roller coaster of laughs & love. They are joined at the hips and I’ll pretty sure that they speak their own language. For the first 3 or so months of having Gabby, Michelle allowed us to visit every 2 weeks to help with grooming and checking in with any questions we had. We would 100% recommend Kingdom Shepards for anyone looking to add to their family. Not only has Michelle been super helpful but her whole family as well! They all supported us & helped out in some way or another. They are more than just a family business. We wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

Danielle & Corey Beck

My family and I are beyond grateful for the beautiful, healthy, sweet, and confident puppy we brought home from Kingdom Shepherds last week. When I first spoke with Michelle, I was impressed by the care and concern she has with breeding her line and the top-notch medical care her dams receive. Michelle and her family genuinely love the puppies and young and older dogs in their pack, and I know that she is truly dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of the breed.

 When we visited Kingdom Shepherds, we were very much impressed with the beautiful property. The dogs have acres of safe space to roam, play and run. Michelle's kennel and whelping rooms are air-conditioned and sparkling clean. We appreciate all the thought and care that went into placing a puppy with our family along with Michelle's commitment to ensure that none of her dogs ever end up in a shelter.

We give Michelle and Kingdom Shepherds our highest recommendation, for she is a wise, experienced, and ethical breeder. Every interaction with Michelle was positive and productive and lead us to the perfect addition to our family. We couldn't be happier! 

Two women holding a German Shepherd puppy
Adoptive Family of German Shepherd

Heather and Ryan, Atlanta, GA

Before meeting Michelle, her family, and her sweet dogs at Kingdom Shepherds, I have to admit: German Shepherds made me nervous. While my husband, Ryan, knew and loved the breed, I found myself apprehensive and intimidated by them. I thought all GSDs were like what you see on crime TV - unfriendly towards anyone but their owners.

Wow! I was so wrong. The day we went to visit Kingdom Shepherds to meet Michelle was the day my perception of these dogs completely changed. Michelle made us feel welcome, she calmed my nerves, and most importantly, she educated me. She taught me about their sweet demeanor, their longingness to be loved but also to serve a greater purpose. I found myself standing there amongst eight GSDs totally infatuated, at ease, and ready to bring one home to be a part of our family.

From the moment the puppies were born, Michelle kept us informed of their growth and development. She sent us pictures, updates, and we felt like we got to know our little buddy so well before we had even met him. Our sweet Bishop is the best addition to our family. Not only do we feel blessed that he is a part of our lives, but we are also incredibly grateful to be a part of the Kingdom Shepherd family.

Sean and Kay, Canton, GA

Our desire to want a German Shepherd started about 4 years ago. We met a rescue German Shepherd named Annie. She was so sweet and I absolutely loved how she gracefully followed her new mom. We would have taken Annie home with me if her mom would have let me, but of course she wouldn’t give her up. We already had a Miniature Schnauzer at home and I was happy with the one.

Sean and I discussed getting a German Shepherd and then dismissed it for years because of schedules, kids, training a new pup, all the hair from shedding, etc. In Fall of 2017, the topic came up again and we were both at the same place of wanting to add to our family. I personally reached a place that all my reasons for not getting another dog right now were thrown out the window. We had a customer that was a breeder and we talked to her and met her dogs and I was truly in love with this breed.

We somehow came across Kingdom Shepherds and my husband reached out. Michelle called back and discussed the process and explained she did not have any puppies at the moment but would be breeding soon. We kept in touch with her for months. We went over and met Riva and Rae Lynn who they would be breeding. We got to know Michelle and Sheldon and learn their story.

Finally the day arrived that there was confirmation of pregnancy!!!! The emails were always exciting to get updates on progress of both girls pregnancy. We were so excited it felt like they were pregnant for a year! Once the puppies were born she was sending pictures and updates. When the puppies were old enough we were invited over to meet both litters.

PUPPIES, PUPPIES, PUPPIES! They were all adorable. It was hard to choose. Our hope for our new puppy is that he would ride around with us during the day to go to job sites (we are in Construction) and be with us most everywhere we go. It’s difficult to pick when there is so much cuteness going on.

My goal was for this puppy to have the connection with Sean so I didn’t try to pick one. I just loved all of them. We left there that day talking about 1 dog whom I commented “he’s a tank”. For weeks when we talked about the puppies we would reference Hank the Tank. He and Sean had a connection from the start and I have a picture of the moment that connection started. We knew that we could go back in 3 weeks and it would be different, so we kept an open mind.

Pick up day arrived. We were prepared and excited and open to any of the puppies. We arrived and almost immediately Hank the Tank approached Sean. We discussed other puppies. Ultimately, this was Sean's decision since I had picked my schnauzer years ago.  After questions and discussion with Michelle and Sheldon I think we all agreed, Hank the Tank was our boy.

This entire process was great. Kingdom Shepherds was great and we are so happy with our sweet boy Hank! It’s only been 1.5 weeks since he came home and we are all in love. Thank you Kingdom Shepherds for all you do!!!!

Bell Family Canton, Georgia

Kingdom Shepherds could not have been a more perfect choice when it came to extending our “family”. Michelle Jones of Kingdom Shepherds treats each and every one of her pups as her own. When it came to making a final decision on whether we were going to find a puppy for our home, we knew there was no one better to go to then Kingdom Shepherds! Michelle Jones allowed my family more than enough time with the litter of 4 pups and their mother. We knew we would be leaving with the perfect pup! And we were right. Super Sam joined our home at 10 weeks of age. A delight and fun addition to our home, his best qualities are on the inside. He has been incredibly gentle with my children, girls ages 3 and 1 from his first moment in the house. He does not have to be trained, his intelligence allows him to process commands within 2-3 demonstrations. He took to our other family dog of 8 years with the perfect ease. They are now inseparable, as he follows in tow behind her for guidance through out the 5 acres surrounding our backyard. The grace and beauty of Kingdom Shepherd’s dogs is obvious. The German Shepherd is revered all over the world as one of the greatest dogs to ever own, and Kingdom Shepherd’s dogs will prove that to be true. The temperament of Kingdom Shepherd’s dogs is beyond compare! I hope my children’s children will be able to experience the joy of owning a shepherd from Kingdom Shepherds one day! I guess I should say that beyond his temperament, his gentleness, his loving personality, he is also one of the most handsome 15 week old pups ever! Even his veterinarian said he was a “Fine Looking Shepherd”. Thanks Kingdom Shepherds. You allowed us to expand our family with the greatest of ease and joy. I have never had such simplicity while training a puppy. I cannot wait to share his life through pictures and words with you as he grows.

Tom and Susan  Alpharetta, GA

As you know, I came to you a very skeptical person. I had a frightening story with German Shepherds and was afraid to even come to visit with you guys. As a little girl, at the age of 8, I had been bitten by a very large German Shepherd. He belonged to our long time neighbor who had taken in an older police dog. He was walking down the road with our neighbor and they stopped in our yard to visit. Somehow, he became spooked by something I had done and lunged out and bit me on the forward part of my thigh. It was scary for a little girl and ever since that day I had been so afraid. After that experience all German Shepherds were dangerous, bad dogs.

Additionally, we already had another German living in our household, Max, he is a miniature Dachshund. Max was a big consideration in bringing home another pet. He was our baby after all. My son Zach and my husband Tom were trying to talk me into getting a new family pet. A companion for Max. I was resisting. As I shared with you, our house got broken into. It happened while Tom was away on a business trip and I was at a football game for Zach. I arrived home to find that someone had been in our house, doors wide open, lights on and left out the back door. Luckily nothing was missing or damaged. One problem however, was Max seemed to not mind at all. He was actually wagging his tail and happy. Oh Man! What a feeling of pure violation and helplessness. That is when I decided that I should listen to the guys at my house and consider another pet. This time, maybe one that wouldn't be so happy if someone else was in my home when I was away.

We knew about you guys from the football field. We had seen the signs on the side of your vehicle and my husband had seen one of your dogs at practice one afternoon. On Monday after the break in, I decided that I would take a chance and give you a call. After talking over the phone with Michelle, she was very reassuring and I was actually looking forward to our family coming to see the dogs. I knew that your dogs were in high demand and she said you had one to offer that day. She promised me that if I got there and was still nervous I could pass and no harm done. When we arrived at your home, we were invited in and we saw a good number of dogs running around inside.

Hesitant, I kept my distance. After a few minutes, I seemed to calm down and almost forget that I was supposed to be afraid. Not one dog in the house scared me. We saw pictures of Zeus, the dad of the dog we came to see. He was amazing. We were unable to see him in person because Zeus was being shown at the time. We then had the pleasure to meet Ziva, the mother of our dog. She is so beautiful! Even though she had a new pup in the enclosure with her she still showed great restraint and a good disposition. This made me feel more confident that the dog we were about to see was her baby. The new pup was a fluffy little ball of fur. I began to realize I wasn't afraid at all. These dogs were friendly and inquisitive. They were well mannered and sweet. Wow!!!

Then we got to see Reign, a beautiful, saddle colored male. He visited with us. Then we took him outside to the back yard and played ball with him. It seemed fine, but what would happen if we took him home? Would it all change? Would I be afraid of him then?

Let me just say, that bringing that dog into our home has been one of the BEST things we have ever done... For ourselves and for Max! He is pure love! He and Max play, eat and sleep together.

I would like to add that my mother-in-law had been living with us and had just passed away a few months before. As a stroke victim, she and Max were constant companions. He was by her side 24/7. Max was having a hard time as well as my husband. Reign must have known somehow. He came into our home and bonded with my husband and Max. We have taught Reign that this is his house. He is allowed in every room. He sleeps with the room doors open at night. Now when Tom travels or I am home alone, I never worry about my safety. Reign would be there for me in a heartbeat.

Great Dog!!!!! I hope if we are ever on the lookout for another German Shepherd you will be there for us again.

Thank you so much for selecting our family to be part of your Shepherd family.


John E. Teitter Atlanta, GA

I wanted to write to tell you how amazing my dog Jarvis is. He is so caring and sensitive. It's impossible to walk him even around the block without someone pulling over to tell me how beautiful he is. I think you really know what you are doing!! He is now 8 months old and almost 60 lbs and walks like he is in a show ring. His natural gate is breath taking. You can't teach that, it is all breeding. He walked on a lead like trained to do it the very first time I put one on him. He is pure JOY. Thank you again, you gave me my dream dog. If anyone is hesitating to get one of your puppies I hope this will ease their minds. You won't regret bringing home one of Kingdom's Dogs.

Laina, Joel, and Stella Moore

I can't not put into words how thankful we are to have a our Kingdom GSD pup, Stella. After a year of healing from the loss of our dog to cancer we were finally ready to welcome a new furry friend.

From the first conversation, to the day we picked up Stella, we knew we had made the right choice with Kingdom Shepherds. We were (and still are) blown away with the level of professionalism, passion and knowledge provided by Kingdom Shepherds. Through the process they did not only help us find our perfect match but became a friend along the way.

Michelle, thank you for helping us grow our family by four paws. Thank you for the millions of questions you answered with a smile. Thank you for helping match is with the perfect pup!

Kingdom Shepherds was truly an answered prayer! Thank you Michelle for your servant heart and all that you have done for our family!

Johnathan Steppe

I recently purchased a German shepherd puppy from Kingdom Shepherds, and could not be more pleased with my experience. Kingdom Shepherds is a quality breeder who truly cares about their puppies and the families who purchase them. From day one, Michelle Jones kept me informed and guided me through the process of selecting the perfect puppy for my family. She gave me regular updates as the puppy grew, patiently answered my seemingly unending stream of questions, and provided all of the information and guidance I needed as a new puppy owner. Even more important, Kingdom Shepherds truly cares about their puppies and makes certain that those purchasing a puppy truly have the puppy’s best interest at heart. Make no mistake, they go the extra mile to make certain their puppies go to loving homes, and this in my opinion, is the true hallmark of a great breeder. Finally, Kingdom Shepherds produces beautiful puppies with wonderful temperaments, and I couldn’t have asked for more. I am thrilled with our new girl, and am so thankful to Kingdom Shepherds for providing such quality and caring service. If you are truly serious about welcoming a German shepherd puppy to your family, then look no further than Kingdom Shepherds.

Clark and Mary Searles Woodstock, GA

Our experience with Kingdom Shepherds and Michelle has been nothing short of amazing. From the day of conception she and her family made us feel part of their German Shepherd family. Michelle kept us in the loop as to how mom was progressing. She regularly texted us letting us know such things as how many pups she was expecting as well as other updates. When the big day came she even took the time to text us letting us know the sex of each pup as he or she was being born. From birth to week 6 she would regularly send us pictures of the puppies. At week 6 we finally got to go see and pick out our little guy. Reign is his name and he is now 6 months old. This is our 5th German Shepherd and he is by far tops. Fantastic temperament and a very bright pup, Reign took to training very well. We have a 4 year boy old who has become best friends with Reign. Even though we got Reign as a pet, we have been told by those with more knowledge than us that he is of top notch show quality and we should get him into the show ring. We even take Reign back to Michelle and her family regularly so he can play with his Mom and Dad. I would highly recommend Kingdom Shepherds to anyone looking for a German Shepherd bloodline as well as a great pet.

Marshall and Kathy Day Ball Ground, GA

We had a wonderful GSD for 11 and a half years. She was in declining health and finally succumbed to illness in April 2012. Even though we had some time to prepare ourselves for her passing, it was still devastating. My wife and I had postponed the discussion of whether to get another GSD but, just in case, I had spent some time researching on the internet. We were so heartbroken after our Tala died, we didn't think we had it in our hearts to love another one. Ultimately, we decided to go ahead and start looking around to see what was available. After talking to and visiting several breeders, I discovered Michelle Jones of Kingdom Shepherds.

I was looking for a puppy but Michelle introduced me to Venus, who was almost 5 years old. It was love at first sight. I took my adult daughter and my wife separately to meet Venus. It was unanimous....Venus was the choice. She has been with us for about four weeks and we are thrilled to have her. She has made the adjustment to our family and is a loving, smart GSD. She is a beautiful tan and black and has a wonderful temperament. She filled such a void in our lives.....I can't imagine not having her with us. Thank you Michelle and Sheldon.

Barbara King

What is, and why Kingdom Shepherds? Kingdom Shepherds is a flock of angels waiting to deliver a beautiful baby into your heart and homes. Why I chose Kingdom Shepherds is because integrity, loyalty and family means everything to me……and the Jones family delivers that! We have a happy, healthy baby girl named Lily!

We recently adopted Lily after a year and a half without the pitter patter of doggie feet in our home. The joy that is in our house now has exceeded our expectations. Everyone comments on her beauty and temperament! She is such a good dog!! I credit that to the love and care given to her from the Jones family from pre-conception to my eight week pick up date…..and they included me with specifics and photos and ups and downs every single step of the way. We’ve been down a road full of memories, we’ve made friends that turned into family!!!

Thank you Michelle, Sheldon and family for everything!!! If you’re thinking about possibly going with Kingdom Shepherds…….DO IT!!!!! Premium perfection in out little bundle of joy!!!

Brian Connerat, Roswell, GA

We are absolutely elated that we were able to find Kingdom Shepherds!  From the initial contact our family was impressed by the diligence and attention paid to the importance of making sure that our new puppy would be a good fit for us and that we'd be a good fit for him. Michelle took the time to learn about our family, home environment, experience with dog ownership and making sure we understood the nuances of the breed. We have two small children, ages two and four, so the importance of the right temperament could not be overstated. Our new puppy has been a blessing to our family and plays incredibly well with our little ones. We are so glad that Kingdom Shepherds was able to help us complete our family!