German Shepherd Puppies

Our Breeding Promise

Our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club and come from championship American German Shepherd bloodlines. Our intermittent breedings are for the goal to improve the German Shepherd breed by producing great champions that meet the AKC conformation standard. We focus our breeding selections upon achieving the ultimate positive health, disposition, and physical structure of the German Shepherd dog. In doing so, we put forth our best effort to avoid the many issues that can result from irresponsible breeding.

Kingdom Shepherds is licensed with the Georgia Department of Agriculture and Cherokee County. All breeding, whelping, and care for our dogs takes place in our loving home environment at Kingdom's Ranch, located in Canton, GA a suburb just north of Atlanta. Our dogs have 5 acres of fenced open land for play, exercise and training, known as Kingdom's Ranch.

Our Kingdom Shepherd puppies are provided with a thorough medical health clearance from our primary veterinarian, Dr. Angela Duprel with the Animal Medical & Surgical Center of Canton. Dr. Duprel has been caring for our Kingdom Shepherd dogs and puppies for over 10 years and has been voted number one veterinarian in Cherokee County. At age 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks our puppies receive a wellness health check as well as deworming against intestinal parasites. Between age 6 and 8 weeks, puppies receive initial vaccinations and are microchipped. Dr. Duprel certifies the health of each puppy in writing with medical records provided on each puppy for their forever home family to have for their continued veterinary wellness care. Dr. Angela is truly our "Angel".

We would also like to acknowledge our amazing reproduction veterinarian, Dr. Rebecca Kestle, founder of Cliftwood Animal Hospital in Sandy Springs. The breeding and whelping process can be very complicated, and the health of the dam and sire as well as certifying their ability to reproduce is very important. Dr. Kestle is an expert in her field, certifying the reproductive health of the dogs to be bred, and most importantly makes certain our dams are medically healthy to be bred. She assists with determining the appropriate timing for breeding to take place and has even performed inseminations when natural breeding was not an option. Dr. Kestle does not just handle the breeding process, but more importantly cares for the dam throughout gestation and makes sure our Kingdom dams deliver safely. This calls for performing ultrasounds, bloodwork; etc. to ascertain the dam and puppies are ready for delivery, which may require a cesarean section in times the dam or puppies are in distress. Dr. Kestle has proven to be an excellent surgeon and because of her timely intervention, has saved litters of puppies that otherwise may not have survived. We are proud to say every one of our Kingdom Shepherds bred progeny are a result of the gifted reproduction science of Dr. Kestle. Dr. Kestle is truly a blessing!

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Zara Whelped 11 Puppies on July 10, 2023


We are currently interviewing potential candidates to provide a forever home for this litter of puppies. Serious inquiries only please. A contract will be required. Please see What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Kingdom Shepherds Puppy below.


Ruger Major win

CH Kingdom’s Holy Fire


Breeders: Sheldon & Michelle Jones
Owners: Vickie Gilleland & Michelle Jones



CH Kingdom’s I Give You My Heart

Breeder: Michelle Jones

Owners: Heather Jones & Michelle Jones

What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Kingdom Shepherds Puppy

Kingdom Shepherds puppies are family. We love and nurture them in our home. When you take home one of our puppies, we are entrusting you with the care of a family member. And you become part of our family, too.

We have a careful qualification process. We will get to know each other, first with a phone interview and then a visit to our home. We may also visit your home. We want to make sure a German Shepherd puppy is a good fit for you, and that you know and understand the nature of the breed and are able to meet its needs.

The level of care we give our puppies and the quality of our pedigrees is a result of our commitment and love for the German Shepherd breed. Our puppies deserve the best homes possible, so we ask for serious inquiries only.



A Little About Puppy Socialization

We begin socializing our Kingdom puppies in the whelping box. We spend time assisting mom as needed and when appropriate in the whelping box, and are actively involved in handling the puppies and providing stimulation during the immediate weeks of life.

As the puppies mature, open their eyes and are able to hear, we find they are responsive to our voices, touch and environment and have minimal fear. This leads to developing confident puppies that will spend time being curious and exploring their environment.

Once the litter is weaned and mobile, we begin potty training by establishing a consistent routine and soon after we begin expen and crate training.  Once puppies are fully vaccinated and can go outside, between 6 to 8 weeks, we begin slip lead training to prepare the puppy for being handled on a leash.  Playground equipment, simple agility tunnels, clickers and a multitude of bright colored toys are introduced to assist with brain development and establishing a light exercise routine. Puppies are also introduced to their older Kingdom Shepherd family members and learn to be confident with animals outside their littermates and mother.  It is our goal for the puppies to transition to their forever home as confident as possible, having the best start to developing into a sound minded German Shepherd.  Once a puppy joins their forever family, Kingdom Shepherds will remain available by providing direction for more advanced training and socialization opportunities.  Puppy play dates, Puppy training classes, and trips to Home Depot, are just a few suggestions that can guide the puppy to develop into a well balanced and confident dog.


New Kingdom Shepherds Families