Over the Rainbow

Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”

Genesis 9:16

Harbin Set in Motion the Vision for Kingdom Shepherds

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge March 4, 2009

Harbin carrying ball
Harbin x Elsa
Harbin and football
Harbin x lsa pics copy
Harbin biting ball
Harbin helmet
German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever

While we will never know the life Harbin had prior to his rescue from Hurricane Katrina, we are certain that he lived a wonderful life upon his adoption into our family. Harbin experienced themes love, joy, and fun a family could offer him, however all of this falls greatly short to the unselfish and unconditional loyalty, compassion, affection and dedication he offered each of us.

The very short 3 years and 3 months were were blessed to have Harbin as part of our family will be forever cherished. Words cannot describe the extraordinary walk we had with him, though we now know more than ever that he served a very special purpose and that he gave all he could give to see his purpose through.

It is now his time to be forever honored and recognized. Harbin, you will be forever missed and never forgotten. Your memories will forever remain in our hearts. Now, may you rest In peace.


Crossed the Rainbow Bridge October 5, 2021

Older German Shepherd


Crossed the Rainbow Bridge May 5, 2022

Older German Shelpherd

Zeus and Venus, you were the first puppies I ever whelped and this experience ultimately changed my life and set the foundation for my future as a German Shepherd breeder. While neither of you lived out your full life at Kingdom Shepherds, it is beautiful to reflect upon know how God used you both to prepare me for having future German Shepherds for just a season.

You each went to your forever homes serving someone who needed you so much more, and allowed the calling God had upon you to be fulfilled. It has now become full circle as you have transitioned from earthly life to your heavenly home to continue God's ultimate plan.

Kingdom's North Star

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge March 3, 2021

German Shepherd wearing a Christmas sweater
Old German Shepherd in front of Christmas tree
German Shepherd

Samantha was our first Kingdom AKC registered dog and family named pet.  She was a daughter to our Elsa, and much like her momma in many ways.  While Samantha was not a show dog, she was Kingdom's first matriarch and made sure to keep the pack in order at all times. Samantha was confident, brave and had no fear.  She was playful and always under feet.  But we would have had it no other way.  Hosanna and Samantha are now together, with Zeus, Venus and Harbin.  What a time they must be having together.

CH Kingdom's Hosanna in the Highest


Crossed the Rainbow Bridge May 30, 2020

German Shepherd nursing puppies

Hosanna was our 2nd finished AKC champion and is the dam to our Kingdom's Who You Say I Am and Kingdom's The Victor's Crown. Hosanna was our first Kingdom Shepherd to cross the rainbow bridge and it was the most difficult decision. We made the decision in love, as we owed it to Hosanna to set her free.

Her loyalty to our family and desire to please was immeasurable. We know God called Hosanna home first so she could do her heavenly work alongside God in preparing the mansion to welcome our Kingdom family members.

We will be together again.