About the German Shepherd Breed

Champions, Protectors, and Loving Family Members

German Shepherd dogs are very loyal and intelligent and are most happy when they spend time with their owner(s). They yearn for companionship and thrive in a family environment offering unconditional love. They love to work and need a job or purpose, making them excellent active family pets, show dogs and working dogs.


Sharing Your Life with a German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds love people and are excellent with children, serving as wonderful family pets. They’ll fetch, sit, jump, heel and play with ease, making a family environment fun. While loyal and caring, they require socialization and appropriate training as they are also protective and brave.

They should always be around people and other pets, able to meet other animals and socialize under supervision. This is important for their confidence and self-esteem and to develop and maintain balanced sound minded health. They are very trusting toward their owners and love to be given commands, do as they are told, especially in an atmosphere of playful nurture.

German Shepherds always keep an eye out and are alert. Their posture is poised, with upright ears and are excellent guard dogs. They tend to be suspicious of strangers but will easily adapt to new family circumstances. When necessary, the German Shepherd will execute its strength and power to protect their loved ones.

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To have a Kingdom Shepherd Leads You To Love The German Shepherd Breed

Kingdom Shepherds is proud to do its absolute best to represent the German Shepherd breed. This requires spending time reviewing pedigrees for breeding, but also determining each dog's strength and to support making sure the best of each dog shines. Our dogs are excellent companions first and foremost, and are all amazing family pets. Regardless if they are a show dog, performance dog, or worker, they are family members thriving to serve those they love. There is no doubt they will be instinctively loyal and protectors of their loved ones, and make their way into the heart of their owners forever.